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Request the medication you want on the phamarun app. Include the quantity and your delivery address

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Before check out, you’ll be prompted to login in to complete payment

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Once payment is completed, your medication will be processed and delivered

Why Choose us?

Pharmarun eliminates barriers of traditional pharmacies. We are the friendly, caring pharmacy that delivers your meds straight to your doorstep.

A shop for all your health needs

Enjoy constant availability to a wide range of medication, from our network of over 1000 pharmacies nationwide

Never run out of meds

Experience fast delivery and exceptional customer service for immediate, refill or preordered medication

In-app offerings

Access Medication reminders, interaction checkers, health tips, medical reports, and lots more within the app

Free teleconsultations

Consult with a range of experienced and licensed doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare expert

Discrete shopping

There is no need for anyone except you to know what you ordered, and we make sure that stays that way.

Consumer financing

Try out our buy now pay later options here or at your local pharmacy.

What our customers are saying

At Pharmarun, we are exceptional and our customers have noticed. Here’s what they’ve been saying.

“I have been using Pharmarun for a while now, and what I really love about them is how I can buy my medications now and pay later when I can. My health doesn’t have to suffer even when I’m broke.”
“My baby’s doctor prescribed a particular medication for her last year. I visited about 5 different pharmacies (including the big names) but I couldn’t find it. I was about to give up when I stumbled on the Pharmarun page on Instagram and luckily, I was able to get the prescription that night.”
Ever since I moved to Canada, it’s been hard tracking my parents’ medication intake. A friend recommended Pharmarun automated refill plan to me and there has been no case of missing a dosage or forgetting to buy a refill ever since. My mum particularly loves the fact someone checks in on her periodically.
They always come faster than I expect. One of the first few times, I had ordered at 4pm and it was delivered before 7pm that day. I’ve had no bad experience with Pharmarun.
PharmaRun has made getting my medication easy and convenient. It doesn’t matter if the medication is not available, Pharmarun always comes through.

Simpler, better, faster pharmacy

We have simplified the parts of pharmacy that are complicated, cumbersome, and time-consuming. We believe in a pharmacy that is accessible to everyone and works for everyone.