Simpler, better, faster

We have simplified the parts of pharmacy that are complicated, cumbersome, and time-consuming. We believe in a  pharmacy that is accessible to everyone and works for everyone.

We are the pharmacy partner
you never knew you needed

We handle all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Our comprehensive range of services ensures you have a seamless pharmacy experience. Whether it’s picking up supplies or providing virtual consultations, we ensure high-quality service across the board.

Order medication

We deliver all your products within 3 hours of receiving your order.

Fast and reliable

Authentic and genuine medication

Pharmacist consultation

Schedule free consultations with licensed pharmacists on drug interactions, general recommendations on OTC medication or medication reviews. All from the comfort of your home.

Confidential and discrete consultation

No hidden charges


Get a recurring supply of your medical supplies from HIV, diabetes, hypertension, to menstrual, sexual, and beauty products.

We have two package options available:

The Pharma- Stash which is your medication, packed and sorted into daily doses

The Pharma- Packs , your medication in their original packaging.


Our enterprise support service caters to the needs of medical professionals as well as corporate organizations medical supplies.
We provide last mile pharmacy services to Tele-medicine services and ensure their emergency response team never runs out of supplies.

First aid supplies for corporate organization

Customised pharmaceutical service

Pharmacy at your

Never wait in line at the pharmacy. Receive your medication where and when you want them.