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Sex and Sexual Health: What You Need To Know

There are tons of misconceptions surrounding sex and sexual health. It isn’t entirely surprising because when you think of it, sexual health is one of the most awkward topics to talk about, especially for Africans.

Tani Soneye

Every time my grandmother sees me, she says, “Teni, how is work? Are you not going to the pharmacy again? Is this online thing okay for you?” These questions genuinely crack me up because as far as she is concerned, I have to keep earning a living one way or the other and whatever I earn has to be enough to sustain a livelihood. 

On a special day like International Women’s Day, I realize that as women, though the journey ahead is still far, we should take some time to reflect on all that we have achieved so far; the good and the bad.

My grandmother, unlike her mother, was privileged to get quality education and work till retirement. This just shows how far we have come and we must not relent. 

As a female founder, navigating this male-dominated world has come with its own unique challenges. I’ve had to learn and unlearn a number of things, become more audacious and do so much afraid.

We are working hard to prove that despite being an all female founding team, our dream, which is to provide the fastest and easiest access to medication in Nigeria, is valid.

We are definitely on the right track and my co-founder and I are committed to forging positive visibility for women, because if we can do it, you definitely can too. 

Celebrate the amazing women in your life today, and also contribute to breaking the bias in your workplace so we can move towards a gender equal world!

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