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Pharmacies are the first point of contact for many Nigerians. They're places where you can get medicine and advice when you're not feeling well. In Nigeria, where not everyone can easily go to big hospitals, pharmacies become even more important. They are often the first place people turn to when they're sick or need some kind of medicine.


Embracing Equity, One Story at a Time: Meet Our IWD Highlighted Women

The world is full of extraordinary women who have made a significant impact in their respective fields, challenging stereotypes and breaking barriers along the way. In this blog post, we will be introduced to eight exceptional women and their journeys. We will learn about their passions, motivations, challenges, and how they manage their physical and mental health. From an educator who overcame abuse to a social entrepreneur dedicated to empowering young women, these women will inspire and motivate young women to pursue their dreams, take risks, and make a positive impact in their communities.


Teacher Sade is an educator who dropped out of school but returned with her husband's help to complete her education. She became a teacher to help children who have suffered abuse like her. She finds joy in seeing her students excel and receiving appreciation from parents. Her biggest achievement is the success of her students, especially when they win competitions. 

Teacher Sade | Pharmarun | Online Pharmacy in Nigeria

She was recognized as the Best Primary School Teacher in Lagos State and received a brand new SUV as a reward. As an educator, she hasn't faced any gender-based challenges but finds managing traumatized children to be challenging. She manages her health by taking naps, drinking a lot of water, and watching what she eats. She advises young women to have a purpose, be diligent, creative, and make themselves indispensable. Connect with Teacher Sade on Instagram.


Olawale Rukayat, also known as Odnaworld, is an Agribusiness Queen in agriculture. Her inspiration comes from helping interior village farmers access the market. She finds fulfillment in contributing to reducing post-harvest loss and supplying healthy farm produce to families each day.

Olawale Rukayat | Pharmarun | Online Pharmacy in Nigeria

Rukayat faces different challenges every day, from logistics to language barriers. She manages her health by taking advantage of fresh foods in her field of work, resting when needed, and having regular medical checkups. She advises young women to know their strength, get their interests right, and go for it. Click here to connect with Olawale Rukayat on Instagram.

3. DR. JOY

Dr. Joy is a health content creator and health-tech founder who is passionate about solving problems. She is the founder of mydoctorpadi. She developed technical skills to address knowledge gaps between healthcare professionals and individuals, as well as difficulties in accessing care. Her major motivation is that people shouldn't die of diseases that can be prevented or treated adequately. 

Dr. Joy | Pharmarun | Online Pharmacy in Nigeria

Her biggest achievement is creating health content that is relatable to the average Nigerian and helping people become more knowledgeable and understand basic health concepts. Being a female Medical Doctor is challenging as it is, and Dr. Joy still has to deal with gender bias and inappropriate comments. She manages her health by meal prepping, going to the gym, taking walks, setting reminders to take breaks, and having an amazing support system. She advises young women to start and not seek shortcuts, be excellent at what they do, and be diligent. Click here to connect with Dr Joy Aifuo on Instagram.


Precious Eniayekan is a digital entrepreneur who saw firsthand the struggles that women face in the business world and noticed a gap in the market. She was inspired to create something meaningful and make a difference.

Precious Eniayekan | Pharmarun | Online Pharmacy in Nigeria

She finds motivation in seeing the positive impact of her work. Precious advises young women to be brave, take risks, and step out of their comfort zones. Connect with Precious Eniayekan on Instagram.


Rukayat Shittu is a woman in leadership who has been passionate about inspiring women and youth to participate in politics. She occupied several positions in the university, including being the former senate president for congress of National Open University with over 85 study centers across the federation. She is an advocate for women's participation in politics and girl child rights, and has participated in a lot of youth development activities. 

Rukayat Shittu | Pharmarun | Online Pharmacy In Nigeria

Rukayat is a successful journalist in Kwara state and has built her name in the field. She has also facilitated bursary for the students of National Open University. Rukayat's aspiration is to motivate and inspire people, especially females, to have more representation in politics. She believes that challenges will keep coming, but she has learned to manage them calmly and constructively. 

Her advice to young women is to remain responsible, committed, focused, and patient because life is not easy in politics or outside politics. Rukayat is the youngest APC candidate representing Owode Onirin constituency seat at the Kwara State House of Assembly at the March 11 poll. Connect with Rukayat Shittu on Instagram.


Temilade Adelakun is a woman in technology who has a passion for problem-solving and making an impact. She pursued her current career path because she wanted a career that is at the intersection of technology, business, data, and management. Temilade is a mechanical engineering graduate with a first-class degree who transitioned into tech after her penultimate year. 

Temilade Adelakun | Pharmarun | Online Pharmacy in Nigeria

She tried front-end web development and machine learning but realized they were not her thing. In the past few years, she has worked as a data analyst, programs manager, and product manager, and her current role is product marketing at Google. Temilade is motivated by her love for technology and the impact of technology in the world. She is excited because she can solve problems and make an impact in the lives of millions of people using technology. 

Working at Google is one of her biggest achievements in her career so far. She is learning a lot from her colleagues, managers, and directors, and she has received constructive feedback that has helped her become better at her job. Temilade used to struggle with self-advocacy at work, but she has learned to speak up, act confidently, and use her voice. Prioritizing sleep is one of the best strategies that has helped her stay energized and healthy at work. She tries to get at least 6 hours of sleep daily, and for weeks that she defaults to that, she catches up on rest during the weekend. She sets boundaries for herself and her colleagues to avoid burnout. Temilade's advice is to create a work-life integration, prioritize sleep, set boundaries, and unplug from work when necessary. Connect with Temilade Adelakun on Instagram.


Chisom Ogbummuo's inspiration to make a positive impact in her community was sparked by attending simulation conferences during her high school years. Her biggest achievement as a social entrepreneur is creating and implementing programs that have positively impacted the lives of young women in her community. 

Chisom Ogbummuo | Pharmarun | Online pharmacy in Nigeria

However, one of the significant challenges she faces is obtaining the necessary resources to help her thrive, such as securing funding and finding individuals who believe in her mission and are willing to support it. To manage her physical and mental health, she engages in regular exercise and participates in intellectual activities such as having conversations with like-minded individuals. Her advice to others is to start with what they have and keep moving forward, continuously seeking knowledge and information, and not being afraid to ask for help. Connect with Chisom Ogbummuo on Instagram.


Aramide Akinlaja's motivation to pursue photography stems from the ability to transform nothing into something extraordinary and create a new world. Her most significant accomplishment is the positive impact she has on people, particularly her clients, by reminding them of their uniqueness and how awesome they are. 

Aramide Akinlaja | Pharmarun | Online Pharmacy in Nigeria

She faces typical problems that Nigerians encounter, such as fuel scarcity and electricity issues, but she does not see challenges as obstacles but rather as learning opportunities. To maintain good health, she avoids processed foods, walks for 30 minutes daily, and does not eat meat. Her advice to others is not to be afraid of failure, as it is merely part of the journey, and one has the power to determine how they react to life's challenges. Connect with Aramide Akinlaja on Instagram.


These eight women represent a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, and accomplishments. Each of them has made significant contributions to their respective fields and communities, and serve as inspiring role models for others to follow. Their stories demonstrate the power of hard work, determination, and perseverance in the face of obstacles and challenges. Collectively, they represent the many ways in which women can make a difference in the world, and serve as a reminder of the importance of gender equality and representation in all areas of society.

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