Digital Health in Africa: Pharmarun at the Africa Health Tech Summit

I recently attended the Africa Health Tech Summit, also known as #AHTS23, which took place from 17th of October 2023 to 19th October 2023. The summit was all about acknowledging and celebrating digital health innovations, exploring new and exciting ways to use technology to improve healthcare in Africa.

Funmilola Aderemi

Healthy Valentine's Gift Ideas For You And Your Loved Ones.

Sure thing! Valentine's Day is a wonderful time to celebrate all the amazing forms of love in our lives, like the love we have for our partners, families, and even ourselves! Giving gifts to those we love is a beautiful way to show just how much they mean to us, and it's also a great way to practice some much-needed self-care and self-love. So let's spread the love and make this Valentine's Day the best one yet!

Healthy Valentine’s Gift Ideas For You 

Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate love, not just romantic love, but also self-love. Gifting yourself is a powerful way to show appreciation and love for yourself, and it can also have numerous health benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the importance of gifting yourself on valentine’s day. 

The Importance of gifting yourself on Valentine’s day

  1. Boost Your Confidence: Give yourself the gift of love and appreciation on Valentine's Day. This act sends a powerful message that you're deserving of love and will give your self-esteem and confidence a boost.

  1. Prioritize Self-Care: Gifting yourself is a way to prioritize your well-being and take time for self-care. Relax, recharge, and focus on your physical and mental health with a gift that's just for you.

  1. Stress Relief: Treat yourself to something you've been wanting and reduce stress in the process. Indulging in a gift can improve your mood, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

  1. Increase Gratitude: Show gratitude for all that you've achieved and for the person you've become by giving yourself a gift. This simple act can increase feelings of happiness and fulfillment and remind you of all the wonderful things you bring to the table.

  1. Encourage Self-Discovery: Explore new possibilities and embrace new experiences by gifting yourself on Valentine's Day. This act can help you understand what you truly want and need and encourage self-discovery.

Shower yourself and your loved ones with love this Valentine's Day by gifting something special. Check out our fantastic list of fun and fabulous gift ideas for you and your loved ones. 

  1. The Gentleman Wellness Box

For the man who wants to prioritize his health and wellness while still looking and feeling sexy, this gift box is the perfect choice! It includes personalized initial cufflinks that will add a touch of sophistication to his look, Rick Ross Beard Oil that will leave his facial hair feeling silky smooth, and the Wellman Supplement to give him the boost he needs to keep up with all his romantic adventures. And let's not forget, a healthy man is a sexy man! So surprise your valentine with this thoughtful and playful gift that will show just how much you care about his health, style, and, of course, his sex appeal

  1. The Beauty Box

This gift box is perfect for anyone who wants to prioritize their skincare and beauty routine. It includes Natures Bounty Gummies With Biotin And Collagen, 4 Sheet Face Mask, and MOISTURISER. The biotin and collagen gummies will help support healthy hair, skin, and nails, while the face masks and moisturiser will help keep skin hydrated and glowing.

  1. The Comfort Box

This gift box is perfect for anyone who wants to prioritize their comfort and wellness during their monthly cycle. It includes Tampons, Pantyliner, Soft Tissue, Disposable Sanitary Bags, Heat Pad, Chamomile Tea, Green Tea, Cinnamon Tea, Raspberry Tea, Face Sheet Mask, Ibuprofen Tablets, Paracetamol Tablets, and a free gift. This gift box is designed to provide comfort and care during a woman's menstrual cycle, and it includes all the essentials, such as tampons, pantyliners, and heat pads, as well as soothing teas and pain relief medication.

  1. The Heart and Health Combo

This gift box is perfect for anyone who wants to prioritize their heart health and monitor their vital signs. It includes a BP monitor, Glucose monitor, and a free gift. This gift box will help you keep track of your heart health and monitor your blood pressure and glucose levels, which are important indicators of overall health.

  1. The Pleasure Box

The Pleasure Box is a must-have for couples looking to spice up their love life. This package includes Spanish Fly-aphrodisiac, Vigor chocolate-aphrodisiac, Durex condom, post pill, and a lubricant. The Spanish Fly is an age-old aphrodisiac, known to increase sexual desire and performance. The Vigor chocolate is another delicious way to incorporate aphrodisiacs into your diet. The condom, post pill, and lubricant are all essential items for a safe and enjoyable sexual experience. Click here to shop this package.


Pharmarun has got the perfect Valentine's package for everyone. Whether you are looking for wellness, comfort, pleasure, or health, Pharmarun has got you covered. So go ahead and make this Valentine's Day a memorable one for you and your significant other by choosing one of these packages today. Happy Valentine's Day from Pharmarun!

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