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In recent months, many people have noticed that the prices of medications have gone up a lot. Not only are some of the most commonly used medicines more expensive, but they are also becoming harder to find. This is true for many types of medications, including those for asthma, pain relief, and bacterial infections.


Preserving Public Health in Nigeria: The Urgent Need to Address Low Wages for Doctors.

In every community, doctors are among the most esteemed and dependable professions. They are trained for sickness diagnosis and treatment, lifesaving, and enhancing community and individual health outcomes. Yet being a doctor in Nigeria is an unappreciated and underpaid career, which is pushing a lot of smart and committed doctors out of the nation or into other areas.

The average monthly pay for doctors in Nigeria, according to the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), is roughly N200,000 ($500) per month, which is extremely low when compared to other nations and the worth of their services. This indicates that Nigerian Doctors make less money than their peers in other African nations, such as South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana, as well as far less than those in developed nations, including the US, Canada, and the UK.

Preserving Public Health in Nigeria: The Urgent Need to Address Low Wages for Doctors | Pharmarun | Online Pharmacy in Nigeria

Let's take a look at some of the consequences of this poor pay.

1. It causes a high doctor turnover rate since many of them look for better job prospects abroad or in other industries like banking, consulting, or IT, where their qualifications and experience are regarded and better compensated. As a result, Nigeria loses the human resources necessary to establish a strong and long-lasting healthcare system.

2. Due to the dismal prospects for compensation and professional growth, many medical graduates are deterred from continuing a career in medicine, which furthers the nation's Doctor deficit. The World Health Organization recommends a doctor-to-patient ratio of 1:600, while Nigeria has a doctor-to-patient ratio of 1:5,000, according to the NMA. This indicates that many Nigerians, especially in rural and distant locations, have inadequate access to essential healthcare services.

3. It degrades the standard of medical treatment delivered by Nigerian doctors. Low-paid Doctors frequently exhibit a lack of motivation, stress, and overwork, which can result in burnout, medical blunders, and subpar patient outcomes. To make ends meet or make up for their poor revenue, they may also turn to unethical or criminal methods including taking bribes, levying high prices, or offering unsatisfactory service.

4. It has an impact on doctors' morale and productivity because they feel unappreciated by the society and government. In order to make ends meet or pay off their college loans, many doctors in Nigeria are forced to perform numerous jobs, including those at private clinics and foreign missions. As a result, they are left with little time or energy to engage in advocacy, research, or teaching—all of which are crucial to expanding medical knowledge and enhancing public health.


Nigerian Doctors are confronted with a significant challenge of insufficient compensation, which has significant consequences for both the health system and the general public. To achieve Nigeria's aspirations of a robust, prosperous, and healthy nation, it is essential to take effective measures to tackle this problem. Pharmarun is currently developing a program to address this problem. Stay tuned for the official launch of this Program.

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