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Heartburn can be a frustrating and painful experience, but it doesn't have to be. In this blog post, we'll explore some effective natural home remedies for heartburn that will help you find relief. Whether you're dealing with occasional heartburn or chronic acid reflux, these remedies will help you find relief and improve your overall health.


I’d like to start by saying I’m sorry… 

As a young pharmacist, it is sometimes hard to diffuse the awkwardness when someone walks into the store asking for lubricants, contraceptives and other sexual health supplies.

The whole time, it's either I'm trying to keep a straight face or pretend to be disinterested so that the customer would not feel embarrassed, especially when it's a young adult.  However, I always end up failing woefully. All my mind does in that moment is wonder if I didn’t sound judgy and how dangerous unprotected sex could be. 

Fast forward to the present, despite being an experienced pharmacist who’s also married, whenever I want to buy these sexual health supplies at a random pharmacy, I still feel very awkward — I guess its a cultural/ African thing. We were raised to think of Sex as an abomination. Something that should never be discussed or insinuated out the matrimonial bedroom.

I'm just standing there in my head, thinking, are they checking my hand to see if I’m married? Should I buy Positnor even with this ring on my finger? Won’t it look somehow? So many questions! To avoid this mental gymnastics, I just send my husband, haha. They can judge him all they want! 

On a more serious note, if you are like me, the good news is, you can order all your sexual health needs from Pharmarun through our discrete shopping box. 

Get your libido boosters, contraceptives, condoms, lubricant, pregnancy and ovulation test strip and so on, delivered to you discretely and as soon as possible. We could even re-package the pills for you in our stackers so you’d know what dose to take and the appropriate time to take it. 


Look, don’t let being shy stop you from getting freaky under the sheets this month and every other day. Better safe sex than unplanned parenthood or infection!

Here's a sneak peek of the Valentine's After-dark box we will be giving away on social media. These sexual health boxes are also available for sale and can be curated to your preference.

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